If You Would Like to Volunteer or Be a Parish Contact or Coordinator

For those who would like to volunteer with our Ministry, we have several opportunities:
Annual Volunteering, which includes:
  • Volunteering at our booth during the annual Charlotte Diocese Eucharistic Congress
  • Volunteering to help put together our paper Adoption Kits
Being a Parish Coordinator or Contact at your parish, which includes:
  1. Working with your Pastor to determine when to have the Adopt-a-Seminarian table after Mass
  2. Serving as a liaison between our ministry and your parish, to answer questions.
  3. Working with your parish office to place our bulletin announcements in your parish bulletin (usually no more than 2 a year).
  4. Helping to organize, or lead, your parish P4P Prayer Group to pray for your Pastor.

Resources for Our Designated Parish Contacts  

For our parish contacts and coordinators, below we have provided resources to use in parishes to support their Adopt-a-Seminarian table after Mass, and P4P Prayer Group ministries.  To download a file, click on it, then save the file to your computer.  

If you do not know who our ministry's Parish Contact is at your parish, please email us.  

Sample Bulletin Announcements:
Our Logos to Use with Our Bulletin Announcements:

Flyers for Your Adopt-a-Seminarian Table After Mass: