Frequently Asked Questions

How does this spiritual adoption ministry differ from others?
Great question!  There are several differences - for example:
  1. Some adoption ministries offer 1 type of support, such as prayer coverage or practical support.  We offer both options.
  2. Some adoption ministries act as the go-between, between those who adopt and the seminarian.  In other words, they ask you to send the cards, donations, etc., to the ministry itself, and then the ministry is the one who provides those things directly to the seminarian.  Our philosophy is a little different: instead, we want to give those who adopt the ability to directly support their seminarian and get to know the man who may one day be their pastor! 
  3. We provide an Adoption Kit updated each year with real time information to facilitate the prayer and support relationship. 

May I pick the seminarian I'd like to support, or will I be surprised?
Either one, your choice!  When you fill out the form, you're given 2 options: you can indicate you're open to adopting any seminarian, in which case your seminarian will be selected for you in a prayerfully random fashion; or you can fill in the name of a seminarian in the box indicated.  We want to ensure that each and every seminarian is adopted and has loving members of Christ's faithful praying for him!

Can I adopt more than one seminarian?
Absolutely!  Just be sure to list their names in the form in the text box.  If you adopt more than one, please remember to treat each seminarian as a unique individual, meaning, please send each one a separate note of encouragement.

Why do you ask for my email?
Adoption Kits are normally sent via email.  Don't worry, we're not sharing your contact info with third parties - it stays within the P4P program.

Do you ever have paper Adoption Kits available?
Yes, once a year, we have a limited number of paper Adoption Kits available from a one-time printing, while supplies last.  These are made available at our booth at the Charlotte Diocese Eucharistic Congress. You're welcome to stop by and pick up your copy.  

Will I really receive an Adoption Kit?
Yes!  The Adoption Kit is one of the unique things about this ministry.  The kit includes the following items (for more detail, check out the pages under this section that give an example of each):
  1. the Adoption Certificate: this has the name and photo of your seminarian and other important information, as well as a few details to help you get to know him a little better.
  2. the Adoption Guide: this is a booklet containing real time needs based on where your seminarian is in school, and where he is in the formation process, should you like to help with in a spiritual or practical way.
  3. the Adopt-a-Seminarian Prayer Card
The Adoption Kit is especially useful for parents with young children and teens, to help their young ones have a better sense of engagement with supporting our men in discernment.

What am I asked to do as a participant in this program?
Only 2 things: pray for your seminarian for the current school year (between August 15 and May 14), and mail him a card or letter letting him know you're praying for him and his discernment.  Our intention is that participation in the program is easy and does not create a financial burden, so for example, if someone is unable to afford the cost of the stamp to send a letter to their seminarian, they are not obligated to do so.

I'm part of a ministry at my parish - can we adopt a seminarian together so we can support him as a group initiative?
Yes!  Groups are welcome to adopt a seminarian!  Examples of groups who have adopted a seminarian include Bible study classes, Knights of Columbus fraternities (works well as an aid in supporting their own seminarian support ministry), the Columbiettes, Catholic school classrooms, faith formation classes, and prayer groups. If you are signing up on behalf of a group, just add the group's name after your last name in the sign up form.

Can I still adopt a seminarian over the summer?
Yes, you can adopt a seminarian over the summer break in between our annual program ending and starting (e.g. between May 15 and August 14).   Your seminarian will greatly appreciate your prayers for him over the summer.  The adoption kit you will receive will be for the year that just ended, since the new kits won't be available under our August 15, which is the start of our next program year.  Then, if you would like a new kit for the new school year, just contact us on/after August 15, and we will be happy to send it to you.  

Can I keep my same seminarian from year to year?  If so, do I need to re-register?
Yes, you are welcome to keep your same seminarian from year to year, and you do not need to re-register.  Registration is for the purpose of providing the Adoption Kit.  However, if you are keeping a seminarian from a previous year, and would like a new Adoption Kit for the current school year for the same seminarian, then you would re-register, as this lets us know what to send you.  Having the updated information can be helpful, if/when your seminarian's seminary location changes, etc. 

If I don't live in the Charlotte Diocese, can I still participate in this program?
Yes!  We welcome your participation and are thrilled to have you join us in prayerfully supporting these men striving for holiness and discerning a call from the Lord.  We greatly appreciate our out-of-area participants!

I am a seminarian in another diocese.  Will you pray for me?
Absolutely! We happily welcome prayer requests from seminarians anywhere and are glad for the opportunity to pray for you.   Feel free to use the prayer request form to let us know about your prayer request.  God bless you!

I live in another diocese, but would like to have an Adopt-a-Seminarian presence here.  Can you help me?
Absolutely!  We firmly believe in the benefit of the local (within one's diocese) ministry, and that it is in the best interests of seminarians and laity in a diocese to know and pray for one another.  Email us directly so we can discuss options / logistics.