Welcome to our Adopt-a-Seminarian Program

Tailored to Help You Prayerfully Encourage Seminarians from the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph

Kansas City, Missouri       

Please note: This program is not affiliated with the diocese  

What Stays the Same / What is Specific to the Diocese:
All our Adopt-a-Seminarian programs are FREE to participate, regardless of location and diocese.  This Adopt-a-Seminarian program follows the same format as the one highlighted on our main Adopt-a-Seminarian page. 

What is specific to each diocese is its seminarians, and the seminaries they utilize. 

According to the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph website, the diocese is served by the seminaries listed here:
  • https://www.kcpriest.org/seminaries
We have made adjustments to our Adoption Guide, so participants can prayerfully encourage the seminarians studying in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph during the seminary school year, from August to May. 

This ministry helps both laity and future Priests!  It introduces the men who may become future Pastors to prayerful laity in the diocese where they will one day serve as shepherds.  Seminarians are able to experience the love of laity who are striving for holiness, and who are demonstrating their support through prayer and practical means.  In turn, this program gives the laity a personal connection with a man who is also striving to be holy and follow Jesus. Our seminarians pray for their adoptive families too!  This prayerful relationship can be sanctifying for both parties.  Check out our FAQ (frequently asked questions) tab for more information.

How to Participate and Prayerfully Encourage the Kansas City-St. Joseph Seminarians, in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Choose your seminarian from the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph website:

2. Download the Adoption Kit to prayerfully encourage the seminarians of your diocese, by clicking below as indicated.  This Kit is composed of the Adoption Guide and Prayer:

3. Pray for your seminarian and send him a note of encouragement.  He'd love to hear from you! During this school year (from August 15 to May 14), pray for your seminarian and send him one note encouragement to introduce yourself and let him know you are praying for him (any support above and beyond this is optional - it's your decision if you'd like to do more).