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In Grateful Appreciation...

Photo Credits: 

  • Photos of Pope Benedict, used with permission of Servizio Fotografico - Vatican Media
  • Il permesso di inserire un'immagine del Servo di Dio Candido Amantini, La Postulazione generale, Scala Santa, Roma
  • Photo of Seminarian, by SuAnn Howell, Catholic News Herald
  • Photos of 2 Priests processing in red stoles, 2 Priests side by side smiling - Laetitia M.
  • Photos of Priest in front of crucifix, 1st Priest on Adoption page - Anon
  • All other Priest photos by John Cosmas, Catholic News Herald
And Our Thanks To:
  • The Bishop, Priests and Seminarian pictured, for allowing us to use their photos
  • Very Reverend Herbert T. Burke, V.F. - for his review of our site and ongoing guidance
  • The generous individuals who have helped with this year's Adopt-a-Seminarian program
  • Karen A. and Joanne A. - for their support in reviewing and editing
  • Reverend Chris - Our dear friend who first encouraged this endeavor and named us
  • Dan Souza - Our amazing technical / IT advisor