Our Ministry Implementation in Other Locations & Partnerships

Our Pray4Priests apostolate, and the Adopt-a-Seminarian ministry, began in the Charlotte Diocese.  However, it is a ministry that can be easily implemented elsewhere.  On occasion, we are contacted by individuals located in other diocese who ask for assistance in adopting seminarians in their own diocese.  We are happy to help!  While we are not affiliated with the diocese in those locations (unless an official representative of the diocese has contacted us), we are able to adjust our Adoption Kit to include specifics for those particular diocese and seminarian groups, to make it easy for the people in that diocese to adopt a seminarian.  And further, to make it easy for those folks to access these adjusted materials, we then set up pages here under this tab, for each new location.  We believe this touches on one of our goals which is to help connect faithful laity in a diocese, with the seminarians in their diocese who may one day be their Pastor!  To see our additional Adopt-a-Seminarian locations, please use the drop down arrow on this tab to find the Adoption Kit by by location.

As always, participation in our Adopt-a-Seminarian ministry, is FREE, regardless of the location.

We are pleased to welcome partnerships with other individuals and groups in most instances.  However, out of respect for the virtue of justice, we decline partnership requests when:
    1. the request is outside the scope of our apostolate's prayerfully discerned focus 
    2. the requester inappropriately uses our branding, naming conventions, etc. without our permission, or misrepresents us or their relationship with us
    3. the requester attempts to take our ministry in a different direction or go against the direction of our established spiritual leadership

Trust in partnership, including in the spiritual life, is necessary.